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Our Origins Story

You may be wondering a little about how we came to be New Jersey's ultimate luxury detailing specialists.. And how we help our customers to effortlessly keep their vehicle's looking freshly detailed 365 days a year without them lifting a finger..

Let us tell you a little about ourselves and our mission!

Live Better. Drive Better.

When we started our company back in 2016, we were just three young teenagers with dreams of becoming entrepreneurs. Remembering where we come from is a vital part of our process as detailers, and that’s why we’d like to include you, our customers into our story:

Growing up in the suburbs of Mountainside New Jersey, each one of us founders had a hunger to strive for a better-serviced community. We noticed, watched and learned from colleagues and entrepreneurs in our community, that run their businesses to perfection.

The one thing we noticed, is the impression they made on their customers and community, and the services they had mastered. Here at Premier Detailing NJ we expect 110% out of all that we do, whether it be from our staff, or higher-ups, it is expected that you the customer are satisfied.

Therefore here at Premier Detailing NJ we don’t just want your car to be “clean” or “shiny” we want it to be better. We can make those words pop into your head… but why would we ever stop there?! Your second home deserves protection with eco-friendly coatings, lasting from 1 year all the way to 9 years! And Vinyl Wrap services along with many paint correction services! Your car deserves better, You deserve better.

Your vehicles beauty and value is what strives us towards our dreams. So let us make your second homes’ dream come true, with what we’ve built from the ground up.

Don’t stare at the screen for too long! Because our experts cannot wait to help you achieve you and your vehicles dreams!

To your vehicles beauty and value,

Thank you!

Meet our Experts:

Darien G

BA Engineering

Co-Founder of Premier Detailing LLC

Jonathan (Jay) N

GM/ Co-Founder of Premier Detailing LLC

Associates Human Resources

Rory M

Co-Founder of Premier Detailing LLC

BA Finance & Accounting



At that point, everything changed!

They'd finally found the solution to:

- Make their vehicle's look better than new..

- Eliminate the possibility of their vehicle's ever going unprotected..

- Make it fast and simple to keep their vehicle's looking freshly detailed 365 days a year..

Our Premier Program and simple 3-Step detailing formula, helped to:

- Ensure that their vehicles would look brand-new all year long

- Preserve every bit of beauty and value possible

- Give them a feeling of ease and security knowing that not only will their vehicle look brand-new all year long, but they'd also be putting their vehicle's depreciation on ice

Now, here we are, living the dream together of providing the ultimate program to allow vehicle owners to effortlessly keep their vehicle's looking freshly detailed 365 days a year and my customers never have to worry about ensuring that their vehicle’s beauty and value is preserved ever again.

And that's why I'm so passionate about our "Vehicle Preservation Insurance" so you can experience the ultimate solution to effortlessly keep your vehicle looking freshly detailed 365 days a year and put it’s depreciation on ice too!

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